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Clutch Repair Chislehurst

There’s a certain rhythm to driving that gets disrupted when the clutch begins to falter. If your car has lost its smooth tempo with grinding gears or a stubborn clutch, Cray Car Care are here to restore harmony. Based in Orpington and proudly serving Chislehurst, our clutch repair service is designed to be swift, effective—and most importantly—reliable.


Skilled Technicians at Your Service

A car’s clutch is integral to its control and performance. As such, any clutch-related problems should be attended to by professionals to prevent further damage. Our technicians at Cray Car Care are trained and qualified to handle all aspects of clutch repair, ensuring your vehicle gets the attention it needs and deserves.

Quality Parts, Assured Warranty

At Cray Car Care, we believe in delivering services that last. As part of our commitment, we source our clutches from top manufacturers across Europe, promising you both quality and durability. Each clutch repair comes with a 2-year or 24,000-mile warranty, guaranteeing you peace of mind on the road.

Advanced Diagnostics for Accurate Repair

We utilise the latest diagnostic tools at our car care centre, which allow us to accurately diagnose the root cause of any clutch issues. This approach not only ensures effective repair but also avoids the recurrence of similar problems, providing you with a long-term solution.

Complete Vehicle Maintenance Solutions

Our services extend beyond just clutch repairs. At Cray Car Care, we offer comprehensive car maintenance services for all vehicle models, covering routine checks, oil changes, tyre rotations, and filter replacements. Our aim is to help you keep your car in optimal condition and prevent any unexpected and costly repairs.

Trust Your Clutch Repairs to Cray Car Care

If you’re looking for reliable clutch repair services in Chislehurst, your search ends with Cray Car Care. We offer not just exceptional clutch repairs but a team that genuinely prioritise your vehicle’s performance and your satisfaction.


We do more than just repair clutches. We ensure that you can get back on the road with confidence. Give us a call today on 01689 836506 to experience the quality service your car deserves.