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Clutch Repair Cray

At Cray Car Care, we know how important your vehicle is to you. It’s your reliable partner on the road, taking you to all life’s appointments and adventures. We also recognise the significant part your vehicle’s clutch plays in making all those journeys possible. That’s why we’ve dedicated ourselves to becoming a premier destination for clutch repair for Cray residents.


Driving Excellence, One Clutch at a Time

Our team are true artisans of the automotive industry. They are not just mechanics but knowledgeable guardians of your vehicle’s health. When it comes to clutch repair, they delve deep into the heart of your vehicle, meticulously working with the intricate dance of engine and gearbox components. You can trust them to provide a precise service that ensures your vehicle’s performance for miles to come.

The Cray Car Care Advantage

Choosing Cray Car Care for your clutch repair translates to a commitment to quality. We don’t just make your vehicle better; we enhance it with top-notch clutches sourced from leading European manufacturers. This devotion to quality doesn’t stop at parts. It extends to a robust 2-year or 24,000-mile warranty on all fitted components* for your absolute peace of mind.

Tech-Forward Diagnostic Approach

Our Orpington service centre embraces the future of automotive repair. We’re equipped with state-of-the-art diagnostic tools that help us navigate your vehicle’s needs effectively. This arsenal of advanced tech allows us to identify the root of your clutch problems accurately, saving you unnecessary expense and time.

On-the-Go Rescue with Recovery Service

Clutch issues on the road? We understand that vehicle trouble doesn’t stick to a convenient schedule. That’s why we provide a steadfast recovery service to be by your side when those unexpected hiccups occur. Our help is always a phone call away.

Trust Cray Car Care with your Clutch Repair

When your clutch calls for attention, answer it with the best. Let our team at Cray Car Care bring their exceptional service to your vehicle. To book an appointment at our Orpington service centre, simply call 01689 836506. We’re here to serve your clutch repair needs in Cray and help your vehicle continue its journey reliably.

*Warranty not applicable to taxis, driving schools, and commercial vehicles.