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MOT Testing Petts Wood

Unmatched MOT Service in Your Neighbourhood

Welcome to Cray Car Care, where we believe your vehicle deserves the finest care to keep you safe and sound on the roads of Petts Wood and beyond. Recognised as a trusted name for MOT testing, we’re here to ensure your beloved car meets all the safety and environmental standards required by UK law.


What’s MOT Testing?

MOT, or Ministry of Transport testing, isn’t just a tick-box exercise—it’s a crucial check-up for any vehicle over three years old. This test rigorously examines your car’s key features, from brakes and lights to emissions and steering, ensuring everything is up to scratch.

Why Cray Car Care Stands Out

We are committed to the highest level of service in all that we do. Here’s what that looks like:

  • Expert Technicians: Our skilled technicians are not just good; they’re wizards with wrenches. Their expertise and eagle eyes spot even the tiniest issues that might escape others.
  • Advanced Equipment: We believe in precision. That’s why we arm our technicians with state-of-the-art equipment, making sure your vehicle’s health check is nothing short of thorough.
  • Personalised Care: At Cray Car Care, your car is more than a set of wheels—it’s your daily companion. We treat every vehicle as if it were our own, offering personalised service to ensure your peace of mind.

Trust us for superior MOT testing and more. Book today to ensure your vehicle is roadworthy.

More Than Just MOT

Apart from MOT testing, we offer a range of services to keep your vehicle in prime condition:

  • Brake Services: Squeaky brakes? Let us take a look. Our brake services are top-notch, ensuring your safety on every journey.
  • Clutch and Diagnostics: From clutch troubles to mysterious engine lights, our team has the know-how to diagnose and fix any issue.
  • Comprehensive Mechanical Works: Need an engine tune-up or suspension work? We’ve got you covered with our full range of mechanical services.


Ready for your next MOT test? Choose Cray Car Care. Situated conveniently near Petts Wood, we’re just around the corner for all your vehicle’s needs. We’re not just checking boxes; we’re ensuring your safety and satisfaction with every service.

Let’s Get Rolling!

Don’t wait until the last minute. Ensure your vehicle is in top form with our expert MOT testing services. Reach out to us at Cray Car Care on 01689 836506.